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Success Stories

Our Impact and Stories of Resilience

United Abolitionists stands as a beacon of hope, refuge, and restoration for the lives marred by the grim shadows of human trafficking. Our mission has reverberated through the hearts and lives of numerous individuals, facilitating a realm of recovery, resurgence, and resilience.

14 February

Breaking the Chains: A Survivor’s Tale of Triumph Over Human Trafficking

Read the inspiring story of a local Hispanic survivor who overcame the horrors of human trafficking and now dedicates her life to helping others in similar situations. Discover her journey from victim to victorious advocate.


25 January

A Beacon of Hope in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Discover the courageous story of Misty Dawn McClary, a survivor turned advocate, who now partners with United Abolitionists to combat human trafficking in South Lake and beyond. Learn about her journey and ongoing efforts in our latest blog.