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Ending Modern-Day Human Slavery

We're on the frontline, battling human trafficking every day. United Abolitionists is more than an organization; it's a movement. Together, we can bring an end to modern-day human slavery.


Supporting us is not just a donation; it's a proclamation. It's a way of declaring your stance against injustice, exploitation, and abuse.

Abolishing the Shadows of Trafficking

In the fight against human trafficking, even the smallest acts can have a transformative impact. That’s why we, at United Abolitionists, have dedicated ourselves to making a difference, one backpack at a time. A simple backpack may seem inconsequential, but for survivors of human trafficking, it's often the first step toward a new beginning.

Raise Awareness. Foster Change.

Through our events, we aim to educate, inspire, and mobilize the community. From National Human Trafficking Awareness Day to our annual conferences, join us in these platforms of change and enlightenment.


#WearBlueDay: January 11

The 16th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Conference is scheduled for Jan 23-25, 2024. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Your generous contribution is much more than a donation; it is a beacon of hope, shining light in the darkest corners where exploitation and slavery lurk.

Concrete Help for a Better and Kinder World

Providing Crucial Training to the Front Line

Victims are often abruptly recovered with only the clothes on their backs. For just $75 you can provide a backpack with key essentials like toiletries and clothing for a recovering victim.

First Responders to the Human Trafficking Crisis

Hotline Advocates are ready 24/7 and are the crucial element in the rescue process. For just $150 you can provide emergency services for a person in need.

Coordinated Care for Victims

Comprehensive Care Coordination (i.e. transportation, counseling, food, rehab, safe housing) are examples of victim care. For just $300 you can help UA triage a victim.

Providing Backpacks to Recovered Victims

Experienced training for first responders is critical to effectively identify and report human trafficking in the community. For only $500 you can provide training for 10 first responders!

Your Contribution Matters

Each dollar donated aids in our relentless pursuit to end human trafficking. Your contribution fuels our programs, supports survivors, and brings hope to countless lives. Together, we'll win this war on human dignity.

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