At United Abolitionists, we are a network of first responders to the national human trafficking crisis.

United Abolitionists (UA) is a leading agency in the U.S. connecting all organizations and resources necessary to educate, prevent, rescue and rehabilitate in the fight against modern-day slavery and exploitation.

Join our fight to stop the cycle of exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking as we work to rebuild lives and prevent this crime from continuing.

Together, we will win this war on human dignity.


Stay informed and join us in the fight to end trafficking and exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

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At United Abolitionists, we have ongoing initiatives that help fight human trafficking in Florida and throughout the United States.

Providing Backpacks to Recovered Victims

Victims are often abruptly recovered with only the clothes on their backs. We provide a backpack with key essentials like toiletries and clothing. For just $75 you can provide a backpack for a recovering victim.

First Responders to the Trafficking Crisis

Hotline Advocates are ready 24/7 and are the crucial element in the rescue process. Their training, words, and readiness matter. For just $150 you can provide emergency services for a person in need.

Coordinated Victim Care

Comprehensive Care Coordination (i.e. transportation, counseling, food, rehab, safe housing, etc.) are examples of victim care. For just $300 you can help UA triage a victim who calls our hotline and needs immediate help.

Providing Crucial Training to the Frontline

Experienced training for first responders is critical to effectively identify and report human trafficking in the community. For only $500 you can provide training for 10 first responders!