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Breaking the Chains: A Survivor's Tale of Triumph Over Human Trafficking

Breaking the Chains: A Survivor's Tale of Triumph Over Human Trafficking

February 13, 2024 | BY TOMAS LARES

Today, we share a powerful testimony from a survivor within our own community, a voice that echoes the resilience and strength of the human spirit.


Two decades ago, a young Hispanic woman living in an environment riddled with mistreatment and sexual abuse fell prey to the false promises of a human trafficker. Promised love, marriage, and stability, she instead found herself plunged into a nightmarish reality.


“The day I gained my freedom,” she recalls, “I made a vow to God and to myself: every time I reach out to women enduring the hell I went through, I use my story, psychological support, and the assurance that they aren’t alone.”

Her journey from the depths of despair to her liberation is a stark reminder of the insidious nature of human trafficking. Now a beacon of hope, she dedicates her life to aiding women caught in this horrific cycle.


“Working with human trafficking victims daily, I can say the statistics hardly capture the extent of the problem,” she shares. Her access to private clubs and keen ability to identify signs of enslavement has become a crucial asset in her mission.


For a more in-depth look into her story and to hear her testimony firsthand, we encourage you to read the full article on Univision: Las señales del tráfico humano.

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