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A Beacon of Hope in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

A Beacon of Hope in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

January 25, 2024 | BY TOMAS LARES

Human trafficking is a pervasive issue, often lurking unnoticed in our communities. This January, as we observe National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we’re honored to share the story of Misty Dawn McClary, a survivor who has dedicated her life to raising awareness and supporting survivors in South Lake and beyond.


Misty’s story is one of resilience and courage. At 15, she faced unimaginable trauma and abuse. Yet, her spirit remained unbroken. Now a partner with United Abolitionists in Orlando, Misty works with women and families to help them forge new lives after enduring the horrors of human trafficking.


Her journey of survival and advocacy underscores a harsh reality: human trafficking is not confined to distant places; it’s happening right here in our neighborhoods. McClary’s experiences provide vital insights into the methods traffickers use to manipulate and control their victims, often preying on the most vulnerable.

Misty’s story is not just one of survival but of transformation and hope. As the General Manager at Just Love Coffee Cafe in Clermont, she’s an active voice in the community, educating others about human trafficking signs and prevention. Her upcoming book and her non-profit organization, We Wont, focus on empowering women through education and support.


To read more about Misty Dawn McClary’s inspiring journey and her partnership with United Abolitionists, we invite you to read the full article by Sharon Keeble. Her story is a beacon of hope and a call to action for all of us.


Read the Full Article by Sharon Keeble

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