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United Abolitionists & Victory Martial Arts

A Partnership to Fight Human Trafficking

United Abolitionists & Victory Martial Arts

A Partnership to Fight Human Trafficking




Hello, friends and allies in the fight against human trafficking, I’m Tomas Lars, the President of United Abolitionists. Our mission has always been clear: to identify and assist victims of human trafficking, to educate and empower first responders, and to serve as an unyielding force against this horrific crime.


Today, I am delighted to share exciting news about an incredible partnership that will strengthen our efforts. United Abolitionists is teaming up with Victory Martial Arts for their annual Victory World Convention 2023. This collaboration signifies more than just a joint event; it signifies our mutual commitment to stand against human trafficking, a mission that gains strength and momentum with the power of partnerships.


Why Victory Martial Arts, you might ask? Their story, one of resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of a better life, resonates deeply with our cause. Chief Master Von Schmeling, founder of Victory Martial Arts, arose from a humble beginning in Paraguay, transforming hardship into a triumph of the human spirit. His journey, from impoverished child to globally recognized martial arts leader, has inspired thousands, instilling in them not just martial arts skills, but the life and leadership skills needed to become community leaders.


Just as martial arts are about more than fighting, our partnership extends beyond the convention. We are delighted that all proceeds from the Victory Martial Arts’ annual fundraiser golf tournament will be directed to United Abolitionists, providing vital funding to support our efforts to stop human trafficking. This gesture is a testament to Victory Martial Arts’ dedication to our cause and their role as responsible leaders in the global community. This partnership embodies the essence of the Victory life skills program, demonstrating the power of persistence, determination, and collective action. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can save lives.


So, whether you’re a passionate martial artist or an ally committed to ending human trafficking, we invite you to join us at the Victory World Convention 2023. Your participation can help amplify our message, impact lives, and make a real difference in our shared fight against human trafficking. Let this partnership be a beacon of hope, a symbol of our combined strength, and a promise of our unwavering commitment to ending human trafficking.


As we join hands with Victory Martial Arts, we stand firm in our belief: Together, we are stronger. Together, we are victors. In partnership for justice, Tomas Lars, President, United Abolitionists.

May 2024

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