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United Abolitionists' Commitment to Stop Human Trafficking

November 03, 2023 | BY TOMAS LARES

Tomas Lares, Founder of United Abolitionists, was recently featured in an inspiring article titled “Local Legacies: Celebrating Non-Profits Making a Difference” by Rebecca Schmidt. This comprehensive piece, originally published in Winter Park City Lifestyle, shines a light on the impactful work being done by non-profit leaders in Central Florida. We invite you to explore the depth of these endeavors and to read about the dedication and passion behind them. Check out the full article here.


From the day Tomas Lares stepped into the realm of advocacy, he was destined to make a difference. After obtaining his degree in psychology, he joined Big Brothers and Big Sisters. There, he unearthed a heart-wrenching reality: many children within the program were personally affected in the by human trafficking.


Feeling the weight of this discovery, Tomas took action. In 2009, he founded Central Florida’s Stop Human Trafficking. Bolstered by hundreds of volunteers, this non-profit emerged as a haven for those human trafficking victims. As first responders, they’ve been instrumental in orchestrating services that have empowered countless victims to break free, often ignited by a singular call to our dedicated hotline.


Tomas emphasizes a crucial and pressing message: human trafficking knows no boundaries. Anyone, no matter their age, gender, ethnic background, or education, can be a victim.


Our hotline number: 407-504-1319.


Each call represents a potential life saved and freedom for all.

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