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Celebrating Our April Partner of the Month: Jenny Pruett

Celebrating Our April Partner of the Month: Jenny Pruett

May 15, 2024 | BY TOMAS LARES

Greetings, Abolitionists!


This month, we are delighted to highlight a truly inspirational figure in our community, Jenny Pruett, the founder of “I Am a Freedom Fighter.”


Throughout the year, particularly during the holidays, Jenny and her organization play a pivotal role. Their efforts during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter ensure that survivors in safe homes and anti-trafficking programs experience the warmth and joy of these special seasons.

Jenny’s dedication extends beyond seasonal contributions; she is a continuous beacon of hope and kindness. Her active involvement provides the necessary care and support, helping survivors to heal and progress on their journey towards recovery.

Her passion and dedication to uplifting others spotlight what it means to be a proactive and caring member of the anti-human trafficking movement. We are proud to collaborate with such an enthusiastic partner who shares our mission to stop human trafficking.


We encourage everyone to learn more about Jenny Pruett’s impactful work and consider supporting her efforts. Visit to see how you can contribute to this noble cause.


Thank you, Jenny Pruett, for your incredible work. Your actions not only change lives but also inspire all of us to keep fighting for freedom and justice.


Together, we can stop human trafficking!

Freedom 4ALL!


Tomas J. Lares

Founder/President, United Abolitionists

July 2024

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