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Training Course 301

Be a Leader in the Industry

This advanced course is designed for those who have completed Training Courses 101 and 201. Training Course 301 aims to equip you with the leadership skills and legal knowledge required to be an industry leader in the fight against human trafficking within the transportation sector.

What You Will Learn


Recognize the Importance of Human Trafficking Awareness

Understand why consistent awareness and vigilance are crucial in combating human trafficking.


Support People Who Report Human Trafficking

Learn how to provide the necessary emotional, legal, and procedural support for individuals who report suspected human trafficking activities.


Outline of Human Trafficking Reporting Procedure

Familiarize yourself with standardized reporting protocols to ensure effective and secure reporting.


Legal Opportunities for Victims: Continuing Presence, T&U Visas

Explore the different legal avenues available for victims, including various types of visas and how to apply for them.


Identify Potential Collaborations between Trafficker and Transportation Service Providers

Understand how traffickers may collaborate with transportation service providers and how to detect and prevent these alliances.

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