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Training Course 201

Recognize Signs in Community & Transportation

Building on the foundation set by Training Course 101, this course dives deeper into recognizing the signs of human trafficking specifically in community settings and the transportation industry. This course aims to empower you to be more vigilant and proactive in combating human trafficking in these areas.

What You Will Learn


Know what Human Trafficking Looks Like in Community and Transportation

Understand the specific characteristics and signs of human trafficking within the community and transportation sectors.


Identify Signs in the Transportation Industry

Learn about the telltale indicators that may signal human trafficking activities within the various modes of transportation.


Targeted Segments in the Transportation Industry

Understand which sectors within the transportation industry are particularly vulnerable, such as mega-events, hotels, restaurants, and sporting venues.


Impact on Personal and Professional Reputations

Grasp how involvement in or ignorance of human trafficking can severely damage personal and professional reputations.


Financial and Legal Consequences

Gain an understanding of the financial repercussions and legal ramifications involved in human trafficking cases.


Annual Re-certifications, Continuing Education, and Emerging Trends

Learn about the importance of staying updated with current practices, laws, and emerging trends in the fight against human trafficking.


Reporting Practices

Acquaint yourself with the recommended reporting procedures to follow when you suspect human trafficking activities.

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