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Training Course 101

Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking

United Abolitionists offers this essential course to raise awareness about the epidemic of human trafficking. This introductory course is designed to equip you with the basic knowledge and tools needed to identify and understand the multi-faceted issues surrounding human trafficking.

What You Will Learn


Define Human Trafficking and Identify the Types

Understand what human trafficking is and differentiate between its various forms such as forced labor, sexual exploitation, and child trafficking.


Identify the People Involved and Their Motivations

Gain insights into the profiles of traffickers and their victims, and understand the motivations behind this illegal trade.


Recognize Targeted Recruitment Sectors

Identify the sectors most vulnerable to human trafficking, including public and private transportation systems like trains, air travel, rideshares, rentals, taxis, boats, and cruise lines.


Identify the Characteristics of a Trafficked Victim

Learn how to spot the signs that may indicate someone is a victim of trafficking.


Define Social, Psychological, and Physical Impacts

Understand the long-term effects that trafficking has on victims.


Human Trafficking Reporting Checklist

Be guided on the recommended reporting practices when human trafficking is suspected.

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