Content Notice: In our message today we discuss some troubling topics including sex trafficking & sexual assault. This is a notice for anyone with a sensitivity to these subjects.

A Message from Tomas J. Lares, UA Founder/President

December 1st, 2020

Dear Friends, Partners & Abolitionists,

This has been a challenging year for everyone but especially for dozens of both sex and labor trafficking survivors whom we are in communication and connected with from recovery and during their journey of healing and restoration. Many survivors have lost their employment, challenged in paying basic essential bills, struggled with the lack of physical support systems due to COVID-19 and those in school have needed extra support.

So far in 2020, we have received 411 calls and 151 text messages on our hotline from first responders, survivors, and/or those being victimized themselves. To support all of our efforts we need your help in raising $25,000 by the end of 2020. Whether you donate on Giving Tuesday, December 1st, or as a part of your Year-End giving we are truly grateful.

Your gift of:

  • $75 – Victims often abruptly recovered with only the clothes on their backs. We provide a backpack with many key essentials. For just $75 you can provide a pack back for a recovering victim.
  • $150 – Hotline Advocates are ready 24/7 and are the crucial element in the rescue process. Their training, words, and readiness matter. For just $150 you can provide emergency services for a person in need.
  • $300 – Comprehensive Care Coordination (i.e. transportation, counseling, food, rehab, safe housing, etc.) are examples of victim care. For just $300 you can provide victim care for one person in need.
  • $500 – Experienced training for first responders is critical to effectively identify and report human trafficking in the community. For only $500 you can provide training for 10 first responders!

We believe strongly in the power of collaboration and know that together we will continue in the fight against modern-day slavery and human trafficking and see one life at a time impacted.

Freedom 4ALL,

Tomas J. Lares

Founder/President, United Abolitionists, Inc.
Cofounder/Former Chairman, Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force
Cofounder/Chairman, Tri-County Alliance On Human Trafficking
Founding Member, Task Force on Computational Law for Combating Modern Slavery at MIT
Advisory Board, University of Central Florida Center for the Study of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery