United Abolitionists, formerly Florida Abolitionists, began 15 years ago when our founder Tomas Lares first learned about human trafficking while working for a prevention of child abuse agency. Through his work he discovered children in Florida in the foster care system who were being abused and neglected and after attending a seminar in D.C. realized some were being trafficked. Listen to the story…

Our founder, Tomas Lares, helps us define Human Trafficking: “force, fraud or coercion” – if a person is being forced to engage in labor or commercial sex or exploited in any way for the purpose of making money, that is human trafficking.

United Abolitionists interviews Dee Coleman, Executive Director of Samaritan Village. UA assists survivors by working with partner agencies like Samaratin Village which provides therapeutic shelter to survivors of human trafficking.

United Abolitionists interviews special guest Judge Wilfredo Martinez about how victims often come into the court system. Many are being missed but this can be changed by educating and paying attention to key signs that help identify victims of human trafficking.

United Abolitionists interviews Christa, a survivor who grew up as a 2nd generation trafficking victim. Now, she leads the One More Child anti-trafficking agency giving support and hope to victims of human trafficking. Don’t miss her amazing story!

United Abolitionists interviews Jeanne Allert, the founder of the Samaritan Women, an organization that began with a safe home in Maryland. After an encounter with a trafficking victim, Jeanne left a profitable career to start the agency that is helping survivors heal. In our interview, she shares about her transition and how all of us can become abolitionists.