orlando-sting-naughty-not-niceHuman Trafficking Awareness

Sting Nets 103+1

When William Welch showed up to meet a 14-year-old for sex, something didn’t look right. He had a sinking sensation that he was being watched so he ditched his car and took off on foot, disappearing into the night. Welch’s hunch was right. He had arranged a date with an undercover officer posing as a…

no-porn-novemeberHuman Trafficking Awareness

No Porn November

Did you know that 88% of the most downloaded or rented pornography videos include violence against women? Did you know that 1/3 of young people have seen pornography by the age of 12? Did you know that 20% of all “sexts” (sex texts) are of photos of children, mostly girls under the age of 15?…